Privacy Policy

-- Posted: 22 January 2015 -- By: Dr Jacques Malan Inc

Dr Jacques Malan Inc strives to be as open as possible regarding our data collection practices, and respects each person’s right to privacy. An analytical cookie is a little file that your browser downloads from a website when you visit it. We no longer use an analytical tracking cookie on our website and are now using AWStats for analytical feedback purposes. AWStats only runs on our web-server so no other company, other than our service provider, is privy to the information.

AWStats provides us with information about: your rough location; the operating system you use; the browser you use; the duration of your visit; the pages you visited; and the website that referred you to our website. IP addresses are logged by default, but we do use this information directly in our analysis of site traffic.

Dr Jacques Malan Inc only collects this information to improve our website and for interest sake. We do not use this information for any advertising purposes and will not sell our analytical information for any reason whatsoever.

If you wish to block tracking cookies on other websites, you can do so: through your browser’s settings, by blocking all cookies from all websites; or by using plugins like Ghostery or Privacy Badger, which allow you to choose which cookies you want to block. As Google Analytics is widely used across the web, you can optionally just install the Google Analytics opt-out plugin to block Google Analytics tracking. For an video tutorial on how to install the Google Analytics opt-out plugin click here.

If you choose to use the contact form on this website, the information you provide will be encrypted before it is sent over the Internet to our web-server, which is located in South Africa. Your message will then be emailed to our incoming mailbox, which is only monitored by the office employees of Dr Jacques Malan Inc. We regard these messages to be confidential and therefore do no share them with any other parties.

Dr Jacques Malan Inc cannot take responsibility for data collection practices of other companies (like our service provider), as it is outside of our control. It is not possible to inform you about any amendments to this privacy policy, because Dr Jacques Malan Inc cannot identify you personally.

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